What a Women for Women workshop taught me about storytelling

two women chatting

Yesterday I attended a workshop titled “How to shine at an interview”, which was jointly organized by Women for Women workshop Finland, Women of Aalto and EITWomen. And while the interview tips were not really new to me, the format and exchange with the other participants inspired me greatly and led to an surprising insight. But let’s start from the beginning.

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What drives you in life?

hiker in Norway

With the end of the PhD studies coming closer I believe it’s a natural step to start asking yourself, what you want to do with the rest of your life. I certainly realized that, in order to find a job that truly excites me and with all the supposed opportunities awaiting talented women scientists, I had to first determine my passion and purpose.

What is purpose?

– I asked myself. Is it wanting to save the world? Sure, I recycle my waste, don’t drive a car and work to develop new concepts for drug delivery, but are all my decisions informed by a deep rooting desire to save the planet and its inhabitants. To be honest, not all. Continue reading “What drives you in life?”

What (else) are polymers?

plastic bottles

When they hear about polymers, most people think about plastics. Seemingly every grocery product is nowadays wrapped in a plastic foil, filled in a plastic bottle, or carried home using a plastic bag, and there is a growing awareness among consumers and government agencies of the environmental impact of plastics use.[1,2] Hence, it is understandable that many people have become wary of plastics, but I’m here to tell you that polymers come in many different shapes and sizes and can do much more than just litter the landscape.

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